Building Science and Renewable Energy Systems for Contractors, Builders, and Engineers

The US residential construction industry downturn provided many exciting opportunities as we move into the future. Most notably the explosive growth, interest, and affordability of alternative technologies and renewable energy systems.

Home Performance Group believes the largest impact a building professional can make on the energy performance, comfort and safety of the homeowner is to take a holistic integrative approach to building architecture. Building professionals design, implement, and maintain affordable energy conservative, energy efficient and renewable energy production systems into designs in the planning phase, under construction or retrofit. The integrative systems deliver unparalleled efficiency, superior indoor air quality, and world class comfort. As a partner in the design/build team, HPG mitigates the risks associated with environmentally responsible projects. HPG’s participation can increase a client’s top line through increased scope of sales, and improve the bottom line by value engineering the most cost effective solution to meet client’s needs.

Benefits for Professionals

Key benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs):

  • Simultaneous heating of the building shell and cooling core
  • Very quiet – most occupants cannot hear the system operating
  • Easily designed multiple zones – with each room having its own temperature control
  • More flexible building designs that allow a 50-80% smaller mechanical room
  • Minimal outside equipment which reduces vandalism and eliminates roof-top units
  • Maintenance-free ground loop pipes with 100 year warranties by pipe manufacturer
  • All electric service
  • Reduced maintenance and higher reliability than for boilers and chillers

GSHPs save money as a result of:

  • Competitive up-front costs and lower lifecycle costs than conventional HVAC systems
  • Lowered energy consumption by 25-50%
  • Lowered peak demands which lower operating costs
  • Water-heating using waste-heat recovery which incentivizes extreme temperatures
  • Significantly increased ROI from attractive rebates, and accelerated depreciation

Green environmental benefits of GSHPs:

  • Carbon off-setting through the absence of fossil fuels
  • Minimized ozone layer destruction from maintenance-free sealed refrigeration systems
  • Heat transference through ground loops without external venting or air pollution
  • The use of renewable energy to provide over 70% of the energy for heating and cooling

Key benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Arrays (PV):

  • Independent energy production
  • Electricity is produced at the point of use
  • Hedge against future energy rate hikes
  • Net metering with grid-tie ensures reliable power and maximum savings
  • Systems operate for decades – panel warranties 20-25 years
  • Flexible design options – roof mount and ground mount
  • All electric service

PV arrays save money as a result of:

  • Competitive up-front costs with annual returns on investments that exceed financial market options
  • Significantly reduced or eliminated utility bills – depends on clients desires
  • Lowered peak demands which lower operating costs
  • Federal tax credit of 30%, and aggressive utility rebates

Green environmental benefits of PV Arrays:

  • Clean energy production – zero emissions
  • No ozone layer destruction – zero emissions
  • Renewable energy production – consistent daily production
  • Carbon off-setting through the absence of fossil fuels
  • The use of renewable energy to provide up to 100% of the energy for the home or building

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Since inception HPG has designed, engineered, installed, and maintained high-performance geothermal heating and cooling systems, radiant heated floors, custom ultra-high-end epoxy floor systems, solar arrays, and spray foam insulation for low energy or net-zero homes and buildings. While HPG specializes in outfitting residential homes, we also work for commercial buildings. Contact us today to help increase your comfort, reduce your utilities, or lower your environmental footprint.

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