Building a new home or remodeling and need home wiring?  Need to upgrade your existing wiring because of problems with electrical supply to your home?  Experiencing tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses?  Not enough outlets in rooms? Notice discolored wiring?  

For existing homes the older wiring may not be adequate for the modern power needs of today. Many homes built even in the 1990’s do not meet the stricter electrical codes of today. With the addition of so many appliances and electronics that require electricity, your home may be pulling more power than your wiring is capable of handling. Older wiring, over time, will deteriorate until it becomes unsafe.  

The outcome of many home fire investigations is recommended changes to the requirements in the National Electric Code (NEC), and the development of new electrical equipment and technology.  Today’s, NEC specifies the location and minimum number of outlets per room, the minimum number of circuits for certain pieces of equipment, the wiring methods and type of material that may be installed in homes and much more.  

Home Performance Group is the single source provider for residential electrical services. We provide all standard electrical services including new home wiring, or existing home re-wiring as well as the more specialized capabilities for solar panel design, engineering and installation and whole home backup generators.

Wiring Services

  • Service wiring
  • Feeder circuit wiring
  • Branch circuit wiring
  • HVAC control wiring
  • Home computer circuit wiring (CAT 5/6)
  • Telephone and data cabling
  • Doorbell wiring

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