Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Value with a Stunning High-Performance Epoxy Floor System.

Home Performance Group is Kansas and Missouri’s leading installer of custom residential epoxy floor systems. HPG has proven experience in site preparation, product selection and installation of all of the following systems: Industrial strength epoxy garage floor systems with colored flake or chips, decorative quartz, or ultra-high-end metallic epoxy floor systems for basements and main living areas.

We offer more than 50 cutting edge metallic pigments and one of a kind multi-colored artisan combinations that create an iridescent or pearlescent look (natural stone appearance). Flake and chip choices range from multiple sizes as small as one sixteenth of an inch to three quarters of an inch with several individual colors or combinations to choose.

Unlike wood, carpet or other types of flooring materials, epoxy basement coatings are exceptionally durable and highly resistant to humidity and dampness common in locations below grade. A well prepared, properly installed epoxy system will form a water-proof barrier for your basement floor.   

HPG specializes in ultra-high-end metallic epoxy systems. Our passion is working with each client to tailor what they want their home to look like. Each floor is truly unique and cannot be duplicated offering a one-of-a-kind custom style. Metallic pigment adds dimension and depth to the floor providing that “wow” factor. For truly unique designs, we recommend the use of no more than three color pigments to create a complex natural look. More than three pigments begins to muddle the effect.

  • Epoxy systems create decorative value for your home with metallic systems offering a high-end designer look
  • Multi-layered floor systems result in exceptionally strong, industrial strength floors that are both beautiful and strong. (epoxy primer, epoxy base coat, optional urethane top coat)
  • High strength and abrasion resistance for wear and durability
  • Seals and protects concrete from chemical damage and staining:
    • Inorganic acids (sulfuric acid, chloric acid)
    • Organic acids (citric acid, malic acid)
    • Petroleum products, oil, and grease
    • Sulfates
    • Water
  • One of the easiest types of floors to clean
  • Affordable replacement alternative to carpet, wood, or stone floors
  • Great solution to fill cracks and mitigate floor imperfections
  • Excellent integration with heated floor systems and applications

Epoxy Floor Learning

Epoxy floor installation timeframe depends on both the size and complexity of the project. The more colors, pigments, and coats the more time required for the installation process.

Floor testing is completed to ensure the concrete is compatible with the proposed epoxy system and does not present moisture concerns that could affect the epoxy coatings.

Floor preparation usually in the form of concrete floor grinding or shot blast is followed by rigorous cleaning and drying. Depending on the condition of the concrete some crack filling or repair may be necessary. Floor preparation is the single most important installation step and generally requires a significant portion of the installation time.

Primer Coat installation, like floor preparation, is critical to the long-term durability and life of the floor. All epoxy floors should receive a primer coat. The primer must be compatible with the proposed epoxy resin and system. This step seals the concrete and provides a uniform color base for the follow on decorative base coat.

Base Coat installation can be roller and/or squeegee applied to virtually any concrete floor that has been repaired and/or prepared properly. The decorative coat can include, metallic pigment, colored flake, chip and or sand. This application delivers the finished product look. Additionally, the installation of an epoxy base coat over the primer builds the thickness of the system resulting in more durability and a longer floor life. The finished look is smooth, glass-like finish that has a unique an elusive reflective sparkle.

Top Coat installation is optional, but usually includes a clear high gloss UV resistant urethane sealer providing a high abrasive, flexural, and compressive rating. This top coat further builds the thickness of the floor system providing a protective coating to ensure long life and high durability for the epoxy coating below.

In comparing epoxy products, four key performance characteristics are:

  1. Adhesion – refers to the epoxy’s ability to bond to the concrete surface to which it is installed. HPG uses an industrial strength product with some of the highest adhesion performance in the epoxy floor industry.
  2. Thickness – measured in mils (millimeters) thickness. This ranges from 4 to 30 mils per coat. We install a multi-coat system creating bonded layers of epoxy that builds the mils of the entire system.
  3. Flexural strength – the epoxy coating’s ability to resist deformation under load such as foot traffic or vehicles. Our industrial strength high mil epoxy is formulated to withstand commercial loads generally many times greater than normal residential wear ensuring high performance durability
  4. Tensile strength – the maximum stress the epoxy coating can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. Again, like flexural strength the products we use provide a superior level of performance when compared to residential products.

Why Choose Home Performance Group:

  • Our custom floors are comparatively priced with hardwoods, natural stone tiles or marble making it an excellent alternative to other floor coverings
  • We offered a multi-layered, high mil (20-80 mil), epoxy floor system differing from comparative single coat thin epoxy floor applications, low mil (less than 8 mil).
  • We conduct floor testing and analysis providing recommendations and options throughout the design phase in order to maximize sustainability.
  • We are a high-performance epoxy floor applications product specialist
  • We have a PMI globally certified Project Management Professional

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Since inception HPG has designed, engineered, installed, and maintained high-performance geothermal heating and cooling systems, radiant heated floors, custom ultra-high-end epoxy floor systems, solar arrays, and spray foam insulation for low energy or net-zero homes and buildings. While HPG specializes in outfitting residential homes, we also service commercial buildings. Contact us today to help increase your comfort, reduce your utilities, or lower your environmental footprint.

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