Increase Your Home’s Comfort and Safety While Significantly Reducing Your Energy Footprint.

Home Performance Group is Kansas and Missouri’s premier service provider of sustainable geothermal heating and cooling systems for both new construction and existing homes. HPG has proven experience in the design and installation of all of the following systems: state of the art building science, ground-source heat pumps (GSHP), radiant heated floors, walls, and ceilings, advanced controls, renewable on-site power generation with solar photovoltaic (PV), emergency whole home back-up generators, spray foam insulation, and insulated concrete form (ICF) construction.

  • Ground-source heat pumps harnesses the “free energy” in the ground to heat and cool year-round.
  • Holistic design ensures a building’s systems are fully integrated in order to maximize both comfort and performance.
  • Single-point of contact and delivery in design/build projects with an integrated team ensures consistency.
  • State of the art building science ensures the comfort and durability of energy-efficient buildings
  • Radiant heating provides a clean and comfortable environment while reducing occupant exposure to the dust, pollution, and allergens that are prevalent in your home.
  • Solar arrays (PV) capture the sun’s energy and provides on-site power generation reducing dependency on fossil fuels
  • Easy-to-use advanced controls combine these sustainable components into a state-of-the-art system delivering “Tesla-like” high performance in low-energy homes.

Outstanding Comfort

HPGs geothermal systems deliver the highest comfort and indoor air quality. Zoned systems provide precise heating and cooling distribution and superior humidity control. Gone are the uneven temperatures and dryness associated with ordinary furnaces. How comfortable do you want to be?

Safe and Clean

The absence of flames, fuels, odors, or carbon monoxide fires in a ground-source system significantly reduces fire hazards. High-efficiency air filters remove dust, pollens, and airborne allergens. The integration of hydronic heated floors, walls and ceilings with GSHP systems further reduces the movement of pollutants.

Quiet Operation

The hydronic circulators, variable-speed fans, and superior-efficient compressors operate so quietly that clients often find themselves checking to make sure their system is still working. Also no outdoor units to disturb the environment, neighbors, or your company in the backyard.


Geothermal component warranties range from ten to one hundred years. Geothermal systems provide extended equipment longevity, an average life span of 24 years vs. 10 years for conventional furnaces and air conditioners and with less maintenance. Solar and renewable energy warranties start at ten years and can extend up to twenty five years with expected life of solar panels several decades.

Lower Operating Costs

Integrated systems move energy where it is needed: geothermal systems are the highest efficient form of heating and cooling and routinely operate for one fifth to one forth the cost of ordinary systems. Hydronic heating systems use up to 90% less energy and with lower maintenance costs than comparable forced-air furnaces. Ground-source systems can provide almost free domestic hot water further eliminating up to another 15% of your utility bills.

Environmentally Friendly

HPG’s systems harness the free renewable energies of the sun and earth for heating, cooling and electricity production. The ground is a renewable, non-depleting energy source that absorbs 47% of the sun’s heat. Replacing your existing fossil system with a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) equates to the environmental benefits of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road reducing the carbon footprint.

We Offer Multiple Financing Options for Qualified Buyers

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Ground-Source Heat Pump Learning

So, what is a ground-source heating and cooling system? It is also known as a Ground-Source Heat Pump (GSHP), geothermal heat pump, or earth coupled heat pump. The best application for these systems is extracting low temperature heat from the ground and delivering to the home or building in the form a hydronic (heated floor, wall, ceiling) distribution system.

Most of our home energy demand, 70%+, is for temperature control (heating and cooling). Incorporating GSHP into your home significantly reduces the temperature energy demand.

Ground-source heat pumps tap the stored energy of the earth. These systems use the earth’s relatively constant temperature to provide heating, cooling, and hot water for homes and commercial buildings.

Because it’s much easier to move heat to the cooler earth than into the sweltering summer air, geothermal heat pumps do not have to work as hard to cool your home during the summer months. This same concept applies for the heating season: it’s much easier to absorb heat from the warmer earth than from the frigid outdoor air. This efficiency has a bottom line – Substantial savings reflected in your monthly utility bill!!

Ground-source heat pumps can be categorized as having closed or open loops, and those loops can be installed in three ways: horizontally, vertically, or in a pond/lake. The type of earth loop chosen depends on the available land area available as well as soil and rock composition at the installation site. A recent exciting breakthrough in geothermal best practices is the Foundation Heat Exchanger (FHX). On new construction projects ask about how we can save you thousands of dollars with the use of a FHX ground loop.

Why Choose Home Performance Group:

  • We are an IGSPHA certified GSHP installer
  • We are a certified GeoExchange Designer
  • We are NATE certified in Ground-Source Installation
  • We are licensed with Department of Natural Resources
  • We have a PMI Project Management Professional on staff

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Since inception HPG has designed, engineered, installed, and maintained high-performance geothermal heating and cooling systems, radiant heated floors, custom ultra-high-end epoxy floor systems, solar arrays, and spray foam insulation for low energy or net-zero homes and buildings. While HPG specializes in outfitting residential homes, we also service commercial buildings. Contact us today to help increase your comfort, reduce your utilities, or lower your environmental footprint.

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