Extend the Life of Your Equipment, Reduce Your Monthly Utilities While Keeping the Manufacturer Warranty in Full Effect.

appliance repairHome Performance Group is a Midwest leader in precision maintenance and professional cleaning across a wide landscape of equipment and systems. Our precision maintenance includes both visual and instrument inspection of your equipment followed by a thorough cleaning of key components with system adjustments as necessary. We offer precision maintenance and professional cleaning for:

  • Furnace and air-conditioning (including air-to-air heat pumps)
  • Water heaters (both tank-less and conventional tanked)
  • Ground-source heat pump
  • Solar panels and arrays

Precision maintenance and professional cleaning:

Assures Manufacturer Warranty Remains in Full Effect

All equipment manufacturers recommend, and in most cases, require, regular preventive maintenance for their factory warranty to remain in full effect. Our precision maintenance and professional cleaning meets all manufacturers requirements assuring you years of protection and coverage.

Aids in Preventing System Breakdowns and Costly Repairs

It is an established fact that mechanical equipment and machinery of any type, including vehicles as a common and well accepted example, experience fewer breakdowns if properly maintained and serviced.

Critical to Maintain Energy Efficiency and Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Precision maintenance and cleaning ensures systems operate at peak efficiency, similar to a vehicles “MPG” Miles per gallon. The benefits of higher efficiency is less run time and lower monthly utility bills.

Ensures Equipment Operates Safely at Peak Performance and Maximum Capacity 

Well maintained systems produce more heating and cooling then dirty equipment, resulting in less wear on systems and better comfort for you. Precision maintenance improves the safety of your home, particularly with fuel burning appliances such as gas furnaces or water heaters.

The heating, air-conditioning system, domestic hot water heater, solar panels or other mechanical equipment in your home is, of course, no exception.

Extends the Life of Your Equipment

No one can dispute the fact that properly maintained mechanical equipment and systems last longer. This translates to the expense of replacement equipment will be deferred to a later date.

Discount on Repairs, Both Labor and Parts

Our premier maintenance program provides a 15% discount on both parts and labor in the event an equipment or system repair is needed.

Discount on Future Replacement Equipment

Our premier maintenance clients enjoy discounts on any future replacement equipment purchases, such as furnaces, air-conditioners, ground-source heat pumps, water heaters, and more.

Never Any Overtime Charges

Our premier program protects you from overtime charges and ensures priority scheduling and dispatch, moving you to the front of the line with other premier clients.

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Since inception HPG has designed, engineered, installed, and maintained high-performance geothermal heating and cooling systems, radiant heated floors, custom ultra-high-end epoxy floor systems, solar arrays, and spray foam insulation for low energy or net-zero homes and buildings. While HPG specializes in outfitting residential homes, we also service commercial buildings. Contact us today to help increase your comfort, reduce your utilities, or lower your environmental footprint.

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