Radiant floor heating is one of the oldest forms for heating a building, dating back to the Greek and Roman times. In a radiant system, heated water flows through tubes located beneath the floor, or under the sheetrock in walls and ceilings. Radiant systems are compatible with most types of floor covering – wood, slate, tile, linoleum and carpet, although the latter is not as efficient as a “hard” surface.

Water circulating in a radiant system can transport 3,500 times more energy than air. Radiant systems heat your home with less energy than forced-air systems. Additionally, a radiant heating system works in multiple zones allowing each room to be set at different temperatures. Chilly rooms, such as bathrooms, basements, and entryways can receive more heat while rooms with occasional use such as guest rooms, can be set lower making the radiant system even more energy-efficient.

Radiant heating systems provide:

  • Increased comfort concentrating heat evenly close to the floor where occupants reside
  • Even temperatures throughout your home reaching into every corner of every room
  • Controls the air temperature by heating both the air and surface
  • Design flexibility allows the combination of multiple heat emitters into the same system
  • Quieter operation with virtually no detectable sound levels
  • Cleaner air with no dust, allergens, cold drafts
  • Quieter and more energy-efficient warming compared to forced-air heat
  • Reduced energy consumption and air leakage – Up to 40% less energy and 26% less air leakage

Radiant floor systems keep heat close to the where people are located compared to forced air systems. Most people who have had an opportunity to compare radiant floor systems will testify they deliver comfort superior to other methods of heating.


The cozy idea of a warm towel now appeals to more and more homeowners. Why not treat yourself to the luxury of having heated towels?  There is a great variety of heated towel racks to choose from that will fit most any budget.

Hydronic towel warmers are connected to the radiant heating system and can be set to warm anytime the home is heated. They can even be used in the warmer weather and are great for cold bathrooms.

Radiant Heat Systems

So, what is a hydronic distribution system? It is also known as radiant heat, heated floors, or snowmelt systems. Radiant heat can be used both indoors for comfort heating or outdoors for safety in snowmelt applications. These systems are uniquely well suited for the use with low temperature (120 degrees or less) heat sources such as ground-source heat pumps. The combination of GSHP with hydronics compounds the energy efficiency of each individual system yielding more comfort and unbelievably low utility bills. The systems are literally built into the homes structure, and therefore usually well protected from physical damage offering decades of service.

Hydronic systems can be categorized as being installed in floors, walls, or ceilings and those loops can be installed in concrete, light weight concrete, gypcrete, above floor plate, below floor plate and prefabricated panels. Hydronic systems in concrete, or thin layer gypcrete provide a significant source for thermal storage. These systems run during non-peak times when utility rates are cheaper storing heat in the hard surface and then delivering heat for many hours during peak utility rates offering even more savings.

Hydronic systems, particularly heated walls and ceilings with low thermal mass are capable of providing fast response for situations where comfort needs to be quickly established.

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