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Snow and ice melt systems (SIM) are a specialized from of radiant heated floor. A SIM system can run as a smaller subassembly auxiliary load to a home’s radiant heated floor system, or as a specialized stand-alone configuration. SIM systems work equally well in driveways, porches, sidewalks or any other location that requires clear pathways in the winter.

Home Performance Group custom designed snow and ice melting systems provide a simple, reliable and economic solution for snow removal. A gas hot water boiler, either LP or propane, circulates a warm water solution through PEX tubing buried in concrete, asphalt, or a sand bed. The warm water heats the surface to a temperature where it is warm enough to melt away snow and ice. This makes the worry and inconvenience of snow and ice removal a thing of winters past!

HPG designs, engineers, and installs custom snow and ice melt systems of any size meeting your unique needs and desires making every project a one of a kind. Our project team analyzes site plans and coordinates installation ensuring factors affecting system performance are executed across all construction trades.

Snow and ice melt heating systems provide:

  • Ability to provide fully automatic and unattended snow and ice removal
  • Remove snow without creating banks or piles that often lead to drifting and/or damage to landscaping
  • Elimination of sand and the associated mess created when tracked into buildings or swept from pavement in the spring
  • The elimination of salting and its potential damage to concrete, landscaping and surrounding environment
  • Lass pavement damage due to frost action, salting, or physical damage from plowing which is especially important for surfaces with covered pavers
  • Reduced likelihood of slips, falls, or vehicular accidents due to safer walking and driving surfaces
  • Quiet operation with virtually no detectable sound levels

SIM Learning

So, what is a hydronic distribution system? It is also known as radiant heat, heated floors, or snowmelt systems. Radiant heat can be used both indoors for comfort heating or outdoors for safety in snowmelt applications. The systems are literally built into the homes structure, and therefore usually well protected from physical damage offering decades of service.

Snow and ice melt systems are designed based on local conditions; there are no hard and fast rules, each area of consideration must be analyzed. For instance, heat output is designed based on historic weather conditions for the locale, drainage must be evaluated based on specific site conditions such as subsurface soil conditions, slope, and expected snow/rainfall, based on historic data. Yet still another significant consideration is the type of pavement surface to be installed, concrete, asphalt, pavers, which dictates the installation sequence of events.

Three Types of SIM Systems:

Class One – systems are sufficient for most residential walkways and driveway areas. Class one systems typically allow snow to accumulate on the surface during heavy snowfall, especially if the melting process is not automatically started. This snow layer is beneficial because it acts as an insulator between the heated surface and the outside air, thus reducing evaporative and convective heat loss.

Class Two – systems are sufficient for most retail or commercial paved areas and high-end residences. These systems are designed to prevent snow from accumulating on the surface as it falls once the pavement is up to normal operating temperature

Class Three – systems have the highest heat delivery rate to the pavement surface. These systems are used in areas that must be kept clear of snow and ice at all times and where the surface should be dry soon after the snowfall ends. Examples include entrances to emergency rooms, helicopter pads, toll plazas, sloped pavements in parking areas.

Construction Considerations SIM System

  • Provisions for proper drainage
  • Subsurface conditions
  • Control systems and zoning options
  • Freeze prevention
  • Heat source selection

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