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Carrier AC

For every air conditioner installation process, there are requirements unique to your home. Personalized design, quality equipment, and detailed procedures add up to maximum efficiency, comfort, and system reliability. Home Performance Group LLC was founded on the principle of cutting-edge building science, and brings the most innovative technology to homeowners across The greater Kansas City area. We offer a range of Carrier A/C systems to not only suit any budget, size, style, or age of home but to also protect the long term value of your investment.

Rest assured, our team of professionals are trained to exceptional standards. Each technician participates in sixty-plus hours of annual instruction at our in-house facility, in both hands-on and classroom settings. Our team remains current with evolving technology to simplify the management of your household and enhance comfort and air quality.

Did you Know?

  • Americans spend more than $29 billion dollars per year to power
    their air-conditioners.
  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is a ratio of how much
    cooling your air-conditioner produces compared to how much
    electricity is consumes over an entire season.
  • The current federal minimum air-conditioner efficiency rating in the
    Kansas City region is 13 SEER.
  • Air-conditioners installed before 2006 had an original factory
    efficiency rating of 12 SEER, equipment manufactured before 2000
    operated at 10 SEER, with units prior to 1995 between 7 to 9 SEER.

Key Benefits – Higher SEER

    • The higher SEER rating the more cooling and dehumidification you
      get for the same amount of electricity which translates into savings
      on your utility bill.
    • Replacing or upgrading your air-conditioner to a high-efficient
      system can reduce energy use by 20 to 60 percent.

    Replacement Considerations

    • Air-conditioner is more than 10 years old or uses toxic refrigerants
    • Original factory efficiency rating is below 13 SEER
    • Total repair cost exceeds 30 percent or more of a replacement
    • Unit requires a major repair (control board, coil or compressor)
    • Unit had more than two repairs over the previous 10 years
    • Unit is over or undersized

    Sources and content credit: United States Department of Energy, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Air-Conditioning Contractors of America

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    Home Performance Group LLC features an in-house sheet metal fabrication shop which allows us to suit your needs and ensure perfect fittings. As a veteran-owned business, we settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Our mission is to make everyday life affordable for homeowners across Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Nashua, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Gladstone, MO.

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