Ground water from heavy spring rains or a high water table near your home could be devastating without a functioning sump pump. Water damage can cause significant property damage, mold, and hazardous sanitary conditions in your home.

If your basement floods the cost could be hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage to damp or drenched carpet, furniture, or other valuables. Not to mention the additional cost for repairs, clean up and water damage remediation.

Home Performance Group skilled technicians are here to provide sump pump repairs, and replacement installation.  In addition to most standard plumbing services we also provide the more specialized capabilities for design, engineering, and installation of hydronic heating systems for floors, walls and ceilings, hot water re-circulation and gray water heat recovery systems.

Sump Pump Learning

Possible causes of sump pump failure:

  • The power goes out causing the AC pump to not run
  • Sump pump fails due to a mechanical problem, or if the pump is clogged with debris
  • The float switch on your main pump gets stuck or fails
  • Discharge pipe on your main pump is clogged or frozen
  • Sewer is full

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