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Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrades

Experience damage to your main electrical service panel from an electrical surge or storm? Adding a level II electric vehicle (EV) charger or a photovoltaic (PV) solar array, and need to upgrade your electrical service? Building a new home and need a new main electrical service panel or sub-panels installed? Discovered your electrical panel has no available positions for new circuits?

Home Performance Group LLC is an established, local, veteran led electrical firm in Kearney, MO and the surrounding Kansas City Northland areas delivering safe residential electrical panel installations and upgrades. Our team possesses the technical capabilities and practical experience to complete electrical load calculations, install new electrical service panels and sub-panels, add whole home electrical surge protection, and integrate level II electric vehicle charging and PV solar systems. If you are in need of an electrical panel upgrade, or sub-panel installation, Contact our solutions advisor today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers safe electrical panel installations and upgrades:

  • Electrical load calculations
  • Electrical service installation and upgrades
  • Electrical panel installation and upgrades
  • Electrical sub-panel installation and replacements
  • Whole home surge protection installation and replacements
  • Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) installation and replacements
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installation and replacements
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations and upgrades
  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems installation and replacements
  • Service wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Feeder circuit wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Branch circuit wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • HVAC control wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Computer and television cabling installation and replacements
  • Telephone and data cabling installation and replacements
  • Doorbell wiring installation and replacements
  • Lighting Fixtures installation and replacements
  • Electrical repairs installation and replacements
  • Electrical inspections installation and replacements

Electrical Service Panels – Did you Know

Many existing main electrical service panels are unsafe due to manufacturing defects. These panels are responsible for thousands of home fires per year as well as personal injuries and sadly, fatalities. Two notorious electrical service panels Federal Pacific and Zinsco, were installed in millions of home in the United States between 1950 and the early 1980s. After multiple lawsuits and litigation, both manufacturers are now defunct, leaving the risk, and replacement cost to homeowners. The fire risk and corresponding liability has been so bad for some insurers, many homeowners insurance providers will not issue coverage for a home that still has one of these panels installed. The best solution is to replace these dangerous panels with a new main electrical service panel. Choosing to replace an electrical service panel, is also a good time to consider enhanced safety features such as whole home surge protection, and advanced fault interrupters. 

All electrical service panels have a finite number of circuit breaker positions. Many existing homes have smaller circuit breaker panels that are full, with no available breaker positions for new circuits. One alternative is to install a tandem, or duplex, circuit breaker which allows for two separate electrical circuits to be installed in a single breaker position on the panelboard. This practice although accepted by most Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) does come with some risk. By placing two electrical circuits in such close proximity, when both wires are supplying power, the tandem circuit breaker will generate more heat than a standard breaker, which is why most AHJs limit the use and quantity of duplex circuit breakers. A better alternative, is to add an electrical sub-panel or upgrade the main electrical service panel to one providing more circuit breaker positions. 

The national drive towards electrification and distributed power production has many homeowners considering PV solar for their homes. There are two ways to interconnect solar production into a home’s electrical system. The load-side connection is by far the most common electrical connection method, due to the ease of installation and cost considerations. However, load-side interconnections do limit the quantity of solar production that can be safely supplied through an electrical panel. Two National Electric Code (NEC) rules and corresponding calculations are used to determine the maximum amount of solar production an electrical service panel can safely receive. Which rule applies, is determined by the location of the solar back fed breaker inside the panelboard. Bottom line, homes equipped with lower amperage rated electrical service panels may not be capable of receiving enough solar production to offset electrical usage. In this case, upgrading the electrical service and main electrical panel is a solution.   

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Better people

Our team endeavors to deliver electrical installations prepared for the future, and incorporate industry best practices. We maintain a Master Electrical License and receive more than 16 hours of above-industry-standard electrical training per year. Additionally, leveraging our real-world experience, we actively contribute to improving the electrical trade. We teach electrical theory, installation, repair work, and safety, as well as participate in the electrical code making process by reviewing proposals, offering insights, and submitting recommendations to improve electrical installation safety.

Better products

The electrical equipment we select delivers value-added electrical service panels equipped with enhanced safety features, increased capacity and reliable operation. Our supply chain partners lead their respective industries in manufacturing excellence, standing behind their products with some of the best warranties in the market, such as Tesla, Sol-Ark, and Leviton. When possible, we buy American made products.

Better solutions

World-class training and our innovative experience ensure the electrical solutions we propose not only meet project requirements today, but offer options to prepare your home for the future. Our industry partnerships provide us the capability to integrate emerging technologies into new electrical service panel installations, such as whole home surge protection, level II electric vehicle charging stations, and PV solar systems.

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