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Toilet Installation and Replacements

A cracked toilet causing a leak and corresponding floor damage? In need of a toilet repair or potential replacement? Exploring the benefits of a low flow, dual flush, or pressure-assist toilet? Searching for a residential plumbing contractor knowledgeable in repairs and installation?

Home Performance Group LLC is a well-established, local, veteran owned plumbing firm delivering safe residential plumbing repairs, service, toilet installation, and upgrades. Our team retains the technical knowledge and real-world expertise to repair existing toilets, install replacement units, and upgrade to toilets with advanced capabilities minimizing clogging and water usage. If you have experienced a toilet failure and need a repair or installation, Contact our service team today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers safe and sanitary toilet repairs and installations:

  • Standard gravity toilet installation and replacements
  • Low-flow toilet installation and upgrades
  • Dual-flush toilet installation and upgrades
  • Pressure-assist toilet installation and upgrades
  • Toilet flange and bolt kit installation and replacement
  • Toilet wax ring installation and replacement
  • Toilet flush valve replacement and upgrades
  • Toilet fill valve replacements

Plumbing Toilets – Did you Know

Prior to 1980, gravity toilets were exceedingly inefficient consuming more than five gallons of water per flush (gpf). These old toilets used sheer quantities of water volume to scour solids from the toilet bowl, moving waste into the drain piping. However, between 1980 and 1992, manufacturers began improving the water efficiency of toilets, reducing consumption from 5 gpf, down to 3.5 gallons per flush. In 1992, President Bush, and Congress signed into law the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) requiring plumbing manufacturers to further reduce toilet flush volumes down from 3.5 gallons, to 1.6 gallons per flush, or a 54% reduction in water use. To achieve such a dramatic reduction in water consumption, manufacturers traded water volume for water velocity, and in some cases pressure. Increasing water speed assists reduced water quantities in cleanly moving solids from the toilet bowl into the drain waste plumbing. Toilet producers approached the problem of reduced water differently, some changed the shape of the bowl, others introduced a siphonic trap, and still others developed pressure assist toilets using compressed air. Each innovation resulted in less water volume per use, while maintaining flushing performance as measured by clearing of solids and clogging. The Alliance for Water Efficiency estimates 18.2 trillion gallons of water have been saved since the introduction of the EPAct. Since 1992, advancements continue to improve water efficiency of toilets with some high-efficient toilets (HETs) models operating on as little as 1.08 gallons per flush. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now offers a WaterSense certification and label for HET toilets meeting a maximum of 1.28 gpf while still meeting other flushing performance standards including bowl surface cleaning, and drain line waste transport. 

An initiative at Princeton University finds, the average household flushes the toilet 5 times per day, and nearly 27% of water used in a home is for toilet flushing. This means high-efficient toilets have the ability to save a lot of water and dollars. According to the EPA, replacing an old high water volume toilet, with a high-efficient wastersense certified toilet, can save 13,000 gallons of water annually, and save more than $140 per year.

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Better people

We strive to repair and restore toilets to safe and sanitary operation delivering long-term performance for our clients. Our team completes plumbing repairs daily, further refining their real-world experience. We maintain a Master Plumbing License and participate in annual continuing education to deepen our technical knowledge. The above-industry-standard training we receive in plumbing theory, toilet applications, and emerging technology ensures our workmanship meets all code requirements while integrating industry best practices.

Better products

When selecting a toilet and plumbing materials, the products we choose demonstrate a history of safe operation, are appropriate for the conditions of use, and possess a proven track record of reliability. Our supply chain partners lead their respective industries in manufacturing quality, emerging plumbing technologies, and innovations in safety, such as Kohler, Delta, and Gerber. When possible, we buy American made products.

Better solutions

Our skilled team possesses the technical knowledge in plumbing theory, product applications, and code requirements to ensure our repairs, and toilet installations provide long-term service and safety. Continuous training, particularly in emerging technologies such as low flow fixtures, and pressure-assist toilets afford us the opportunity to integrate advanced features and water conservation into plumbing systems. Coupled with careful product selection, our solutions deliver reliable, money saving solutions to our clients.

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