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AFCI and GFCI Installation and Replacements

Experienced property damage from electrical arcing? Concerned about electrical shock hazards within the home? Searching for the best electrical shock and fire protection? Own specific appliances or home equipment that requires enhanced electrical fault protection?

Home Performance Group LLC is an established, local, and veteran owned electrical contracting firm delivering advanced electrical fault protection, safety upgrades, and surge protection. Our team possesses the cutting-edge knowledge of electrical arcing, overloads, short-circuits, and ground-faults to provide AFCI and GFCI installation. If you want to better protect your home from electrical fires, and family from shock hazards. Contact our solutions advisor today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers enhanced safety with AFCI and GFCI protection:

  • Electrical load calculations
  • Electrical service installation and upgrades
  • Electrical panel installation and upgrades
  • Electrical sub-panel installation and replacements
  • Whole home surge protection installation and replacements
  • Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) installation and replacements
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installation and replacements
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations and upgrades
  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems installation and replacements
  • Service wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Feeder circuit wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Branch circuit wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • HVAC control wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Computer and television cabling installation and replacements
  • Telephone and data cabling installation and replacements
  • Doorbell wiring installation and replacements
  • Lighting Fixtures installation and replacements
  • Electrical repairs installation and replacements
  • Electrical inspections installation and replacements

Key Benefits of AFCI and GFCI Protection:

  • Fault detection devices provide code compliant protection for specific appliances and home equipment
  • ACFIs detect and interrupt low ampere arcing events preventing an electrical home fire
  • AFCIs provide supplemental protection to standard thermal magnetic circuit breaker blind spots
  • GFCIs detect and interrupt faults that could energize an appliance or fixture chassis preventing electrocution
  • GFCIs provide high-impedance fault detection to augment standard thermal magnetic circuit breakers
  • GFCIs detect non-compliant neutral to ground connections, also known as bootleg grounds
  • GFCIs may be used as a code compliant alternative when replacing existing two-prong non-grounded receptacles

Electrical Protection – Did you Know

Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) were developed in the early 1960s in response to the number of annual fatalities caused from electrocution. In the late 1950s, the United States suffered more than 1,100 electrical-related deaths per years The majority of deaths originated from home appliance chassis becoming inadvertently energized due to an internal fault. When touching the exterior of the appliance, a person could become part of the faulted electrical circuit and receive a fatal shock. The ground-fault circuit interrupter works by detecting leakage current, or more specifically, a current imbalance between the supplying electrical conductor and the return conductor. Even minor imbalances can indicate current flowing on metal parts that it should not be on. The GFCI detects imbalances and switches the receptacle off rendering the appliance or electrical fixture safe to touch. Since the introduction of GFCI protection, household electrocutions are down 83 percent!

Arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) were developed in the 1990s from Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) residential electrical fire studies conducted in the 1980s. The early studies estimated there were more than 42,000 electrical home fires per year, resulting in more than 1,800 fatalities. An electrical arc is caused by loose connections or damage to wiring resulting in unintentional series or parallel conductor connections. The arcing action generates enormous heat which can cause combustible construction material to ignite. An AFCI detects arcing through sensors and onboard electronics designed to find electrical arc patterns. When found, the device switches the circuit off, removing power to the arc, either preventing a fire from starting, or allowing a fire to self-extinguish. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) finds more than 50 percent of fires could be prevented through arc-fault detection and subsequent interruption.

The National Electric Code (NEC), like other code standards, evolves on a recurring three-year cycle. Revisions are proposed based on emerging technology, changes adopted in other building codes, but more often are the result of fire investigations or catastrophic property damage and loss of life. Since the introduction of both GFCI, and AFCI protection, the NEC continues to expand the list of locations that require such electrical protection. Existing homes are not required to meet newer code requirements unless there are new installations, modifications or significant extensions made to the electrical system. However, without upgraded protection, homeowners accept higher risks for either shock and electrocution hazards, or homes fires from concealed electrical arcing.

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Better people

Our team focus is to protect our clients through enhanced electrical protection. We continuously explore emerging electrical safety technologies to minimize home fire risk and shock hazards. Our and embraces lifelong learning both through hands-on experiences, and regular formal education. Our team maintains a Master Electrical License and receives more than 16 hours per year of above-industry-standard electrical training.

Better products

We choose only the most reliable electrical fault protection equipment available, delivering our clients long-term worry-free operation. Our team regularly evaluates our current product selections exploring new electrical equipment offering more robust safety such as dual-fault circuit interrupters combining the features of both GFCIs and AFCIs. We procure our equipment from leaders in electrical manufacturing with proven records of manufacturing quality such as Leviton, Eaton, and Square D. When possible, we buy American made products.

Better solutions

The combination of exceptional products, and expert installation delivers our clients superior electrical safety, preventing home fires and saving lives. Our dedication to craftsmanship, and lifetime learning translate into highly trained technicians who understand their products.

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