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At Home Performance Group LLC, we focus on affordable, sustainable comfort to perfectly suit your lifestyle today and well into the future. Delivering cutting edge building science and technology to homeowners, we create more even, efficient, and cost-effective comfort. Radiant flooring exceeds expectations in every way. The equipment is concealed beneath the floor, freeing up living space, never detracting from the decor or restricting furniture placement. Operating silently and spreading heat evenly, these systems eliminate the introduction of harmful air contaminants and temperature stratification. Radiant flooring is a perfect choice for exceptional savings, value, and comfort in The greater Kansas City area.

Enjoy the benefits of a radiant floor heating installation!

Home Performance Group LLC handles design and installation with expertise. Our team receives sixty-plus hours of classroom and hands-on instruction within our on-site, state-of-the-art training facility. We keep updated with evolving technology, procedures, and industry standards. Whether you’re looking to heat the entire home, target a single room, or would like to hear more about the many benefits of radiant flooring, call us at (816) 744-8033. From recommendation to completion of your project, we adhere to uncompromising standards of quality and business ethics. Home Performance Group LLC is the choice you can trust for a full range of radiant floor heating services across Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Nashua, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Gladstone, MO.

Why Choose Radiant Heated Floors

Enrich your home with the exceptional warmth provided by state-of-the-art heated floors, walls or ceilings. No other form of heating comes close to the comfort or efficiency of hydronics.

Did you know?

Standard furnace and air-conditioners stratify air inside the home. Air temperature differences between the floor and ceiling can exceed 20 degrees.

There are three forms of heat transfer and heating:
Conduction – heat transfer through solids.
Convection – heat transfer through fluids either liquid or gases.
Radiation – electromagnetic energy that needs no material to transfer heat from one location to another.

Hydronic heating systems use all three forms of heat transfer to maximize comfort and efficiency thereby lowering energy use. Conventional systems use only one mode of heat transfer.Key Benefits

A properly designed and installed hydronic system can operate with virtually no detectable sound, while substantially reducing the dispersal of airborne particles and microorganisms.

Professionally designed hydronic systems maintain optimal comfort by controlling both air and surface temperatures inside rooms.

The energy consumption of a hydronic circulator pump can be 90% less than a standard heating and cooling indoor blower motor.Quick Facts

Radiant heating systems are one of the oldest proven heating technologies, first used in Asia, ancient Greece, and eventually the Roman empire.

The ability of water to move and transfer heat is unparalleled. The heat capacity of water is 3,500 times more than air resulting in ultra-efficient space heating.

Radiant heat is not limited to floors alone. Heated walls and ceilings are available with appropriate design and engineering.

Serving The greater Kansas City area

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Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Gladstone, Parkville, Holt, Lawson, Claycomo, MO and surrounding areas.
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