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Water Supply Piping Installation and Replacements

Experienced a burst or leaking water supply pipe? Suffered water damage to your home from a damaged or failed pipe? In need of water line repair or replacement work? Need to extend or modify your water supply piping?

Home Performance Group LLC is a local, veteran led plumbing firm delivering reliable and safe residential water supply piping installation and replacements. Our team maintains the plumbing knowledge and hands on experience to repair damaged water pipes, extend and modify water supply systems, and replace pipes and fixtures If you have experienced damage or a breakdown in your home plumbing, Contact our service team today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers safe water supply piping, fixtures and systems:

  • Water supply pipe sizing calculations
  • Water supply piping installation and replacement
  • Backflow preventer installation and replacement
  • Pressure regulator installation and replacement
  • Water treatment and filtration installation and upgrades
  • Point-of-service water mixing valves installation and replacement
  • Point-of-use water mixing valves installation and replacement
  • Hot water recirculation installation and upgrades

Plumbing Water Supply Piping – Did you Know

The most common materials used for water supply piping is copper, CPVC, and PEX. Copper is very durable, relatively corrosion resistant, offers a long lifecycle. However, due to rising copper prices, and skilled labor costs, copper water supply plumbing continues to give up market share to lower cost alternatives. CPVC is one of the most insert plastic materials available, making it safe for both hot and cold-water line installations. CPVC pipe have smoother interior surfaces than copper producing less noise. CPVC pipes require extensive use of primers, glues, and fittings for routing and joining. In large or complicated plumbing systems, CPVC can become labor intensive. Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) continues to displace other water supply piping systems due to cost advantages, and installation speed. PEX does not require specialized skills for hot work associated with copper, and the piping has the flexibility to bend eliminating many fittings needed in hard pipe systems such as copper or CPVC. Taken together, PEX delivers a safe and cost competitive water supply system. 

There are three types of Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) piping. PEX-A is the most flexible among the three types of PEX offering the highest degree of cross-linking. The tubing has no coil memory, meaning it can easily be bent, and once secured, will stay in place. Unlike other systems, PEX-A using expansion fittings which provide a larger inside diameter improving water flow. PEX-A is manufactured using the Engel method which cross-links plastic polymers at high temperature taking longer than other extrusion methods. PEX-A is the most expensive of the three types, and generally only available at plumbing suppliers.

PEX-B is the most common commercially used pipe among PEX, and therefore the lowest price. Big box retail suppliers almost exclusively offer PEX-B. The pipe offers the highest bursting pressure, as well as chlorine and oxidative resistance, well suited for underground installations. However, B-PEX is much stiffer than other PEX piping with considerable coil memory making it one of the most susceptible to kinking. Additionally, this type of pipe uses fittings with reduced diameter, and ring type connections. PEX-B is produced using the Silane method.

Of the three types, PEX-C is least used product. C-PEX is produced by a cold cross-linking process using electronic irradiation. The pipe is softer than the other PEX options and has a higher propensity to kinking and developing cracks

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Better people

Our team possesses the plumbing code knowledge, piping size expertise, and industry best practices to correctly install, replace, or upgrade any water supply trunk, branch or twig lines. We maintain a Master Plumbing License and receive annual continuing education to deepen our technical knowledge. The above-industry-standard training we receive in plumbing theory, water supply applications, and emerging technology ensure our workmanship meets all requirements of the plumbing codes.

Better products

When selecting piping materials and plumbing fixtures, the products we choose demonstrate a record of reliable and safe operation, and are appropriate for the conditions of use. Our supply chain partners are leaders in their respective industries, with proven track records of manufacturing excellence, and innovations in safety and health. When possible, we buy American made products.

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Our skilled team retains the technical knowledge in plumbing theory, material application, sizing, and code requirements to ensure our plumbing work provides long-term service and safety. Continuous training, particularly in emerging technologies such as plastics, and alternative fittings afford us the opportunity to integrate features into plumbing systems to protect both people and property. Coupled with judicious product selection, our solutions deliver durable, reliable and healthy plumbing solutions.

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