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High Performance Home Design & Consulting

Want your new home design and plan to incorporate energy conservation, system efficiency, and independent energy production? Seeking a third-party to consult with your architect or engineer? Looking for a firm that can provide total integrated “green” design services with on-going project oversight? Consider Home Performance Group LLC!

Home Performance Group LLC is a local, veteran led firm delivering residential high-performance building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design and consulting services. Our services extend to homeowners, architects, engineers and other construction professionals.

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Home Performance Group LLC in-house design and consulting services include:

  • Comprehensive Initial Site Survey & Evaluation
  • Client Consultation
  • Computer Aided Heating and Cooling Load Analysis
  • Electrical Load Calculations
  • Expert System Design
  • Total Systems Integration
  • System Documentation
  • Project Integration with Architects and Engineers
  • Professional Project Management
  • Project Site Visits & Inspections

Home Performance Group LLC integrating building science and value engineering!

At the core of any good product is design and engineering discipline. We take a holistic approach, integrating best practices of building science, balancing two key competing goals:

  1. Maximizing durability, comfort, and energy savings
  2. Minimizing first costs (total construction cost)

The Home Performance Group LLC advanced systems team are licensed in construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and septic system design, and installation. Our passion is with renewable energy technologies for home building. Our team maintains advanced credentials in multiple alternative “green” technologies such as “millennium” homes with insulated concrete form construction, sustainable power production through PV solar systems, ultra-efficient heating and cooling via ground-source heat pumps, and self-sustaining rain water harvesting. Combining several technologies together is called “systems integration” and is always more cost effective and efficient done together up front, than using a single technology alone or retrofitting later. We have the unique expertise and real-world experience to deliver proven, integrated and optimized solutions designed for cost effective installation. 

We use a unique, specialized computer design and modeling process. This allows our designers to optimize individual components within a system to increase performance. With a comprehensive and integrated view, our installation technicians are able to maximize comfort, and durability while minimizing cost. Nothing we design is cookie cutter, each project is customized to meet individual client project goals.

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Better people

Our professionals are committed to engineering value. We examine each project holistically as a system of systems and find cost trade-offs that allow clients the ability to choose high performance products and materials and preserve a construction budget. Our team is led by a globally certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with experience in building science and emerging technologies for homes. Our team maintains 5 Master-level professional licenses and more than a dozen advanced credentials in renewable systems. Finally, our team receives more and 100 hours of above-industry-standard technical training every year to ensure we deliver the very best design and project for our clients.

Better products

Throughout our design and consultation process we assess material selections examining product durability, project performance contribution, and energy footprint impact. We specify only products with a proven track record for long-term service delivering peace of mind to our clients. Additionally, we prefer systems that enhance the projects overall performance and reduce energy and carbon footprints. When possible, we choose American made products and regularly research and assess emerging technology offering more options to our clients.

Better solutions

Our team’s commitment to better building, coupled with superior product selection, delivers to our clients extremely low maintenance, ultra-low energy structures, that far out last the majority of new built homes today! A happy by-product of well-designed and expertly built homes, are improved indoor health, including cleaner air, purified water, and net zero electrical consumption. Taken together, our integrated designs and material specification contribute to sustainable living now and into the future!

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