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Chilled Ceiling Installation and Replacement

Investing in a new home and want in-ceiling radiant cooling? Looking to increase the cooling efficiency of a ground-source heat pump? Want to improve occupant health by minimizing the spread of air contaminants? Realize the comfort and efficiency benefits chilled ceiling cooling!

Home Performance Group LLC is a veteran owned, local, mechanical firm skilled in all cooling technologies, offering advanced conditioning system installation, repair, and maintenance services.  Our team has the hydronic knowledge and hands-on experience to properly design, correctly size, and skillfully install all types and forms of chilled ceiling cooling technologies. To explore the exceptional value, and comfort of radiant cooling options, Contact our solutions advisor today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers best-in-class radiant chilled ceilings:

  • Radiant chilled ceiling panel installation and replacements
  • Comprehensive continuous ceiling insulation installation and replacements
  • Integrated water-to-water geothermal heat pump installation and upgrades
  • Advanced temperature and humidity controls installation and upgrades
  • Joint whole home dehumidification system installation and upgrades

Essential Benefits of Cooled Ceiling Installation or Upgrades:

  • Exceeds summer comfort expectations in every way – (especially in homes with wood, stone, and hard surfaces)
  • Minimizes temperature stratification and hot and cold spots – (Evenly distributes coolth throughout the home)
  • Safe operation – (enhanced indoor air quality and occupant health by not spreading harmful air pollutants)
  • Quieter home by operating virtually silent – (no fan motor moving cooled air through ductwork)
  • Tubing is concealed behind surfaces – (never detracts home décor or interferes with furniture placement)
  • Radiant cooling systems are a proven technology – (been successfully used for more decades) 
  • Cheaper method of heat absorption – (heat capacity of water is 3,500 times more than air)
  • Significant electricity savings – (hydronic circulator pumps can be up to 90% more efficient than fan motors)
  • Reduced utility bills from combined energy savings of highly efficient cooling source and hydronic distribution
  • All electric homes receive preferential rates and special winter pricing – (available by most electric utilities)

Hydronic Cooling Systems – Did you Know

According to the University of Wisconsin, heat moves from warmer objects to cooler objects, in one of three ways, conduction, convection, and radiation. These principles of physics apply to how heating and cooling systems work. Conduction occurs normally through solids, when heat moves from one object to another by direct contact. A common example of conduction is placing a solid pan on a heated stove surface, heat transfer from the cooktop to the pan through direct contact. Convective heat transfer happens through fluids, either liquid or gases. As cooler air or water travel from one location to another heat is transferred from the warmer surroundings to the cooler fluid. Convection is the primary means of conventional heating and cooling systems. Finally, radiation occurs by electromagnetic waves, but unlike convection and conduction, does not require any material to transfer heat from one location or another. The most recognizable example is the heat felt when standing directly in the sun. Traditional air-conditioners, and even heat pumps use only one form of heat transfer, convection. Hydronic cooling systems, such as chilled ceilings floors, use all three forms of heat transfer leading to significant improvements in heat absorption, achieve much higher energy efficiencies, and deliver superior comfort. The United State Department of Energy (DOE) finds hydronic systems are the most cost-effective radiant system for most climates

Temperature stratification is a common comfort problem associated with traditional air-conditioners, air-handler, and packaged heat pumps. Stratification occurs in air through a convective process, where colder air tends to fall to the floor and warmer air rises to the ceiling creating a noticeable temperature difference in a room. Because radiant cooling systems use all three heat transfer mechanisms, air stratification is negligible and in nearly all cases imperceivable to an occupant, delivering superior comfort. 

Research presented in the Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments Journal revealed radiant systems positively contribute to improved indoor air quality through better temperature and humidity control. Temperature improvements are likely attributed to reduced air temperature stratification as well as more even temperature distribution throughout each space. Numerous studies have demonstrated the health connection of temperature and humidity to the growth and propagation of mold, mildew, mites, viruses and other disease-causing pathogens. Radiant systems offer better control of both temperature and humidity improving the health of indoor living environments.

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Better people

Our team supports innovative hydronic technologies, with the aim of delivering client’s unmatched thermal delight. Leveraging our practical installation experience, we carefully design in-ceiling cooling systems to match the unique load requirements of each home. Our team receives more than 40 hours per year of above-industry-standard mechanical training to ensure we remain on the frontier of home comfort. Finally, our team maintains a Master Mechanical license offering clients confidence in our work, and peace of mind in our installations.

Better products

We continuously explore innovative hydronic technologies, and regularly reassess the performance of our existing products and system selections. All products we choose are expected to deliver high thermal performance, long-term service and peace of mind to our clients. Our supply chain partners are industry leaders in market innovations and manufacturing excellence, such, Uponor, and Tekmar. When possible, we buy American made products. 

Better solutions

The unique combination of our talented team, and superior cooling products, enables us to deliver reliable, high performing chilled ceiling solutions for our clients. With our deep knowledge in hydronics, and discreet product election, we can provide clients various solutions to deliver durable, energy efficient and sustainable systems.

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