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Carrier Heating System

Heating Repair

Experienced a furnace breakdown? Boiler not producing heat like it should? Need repairs or service for your home heating system? Searching for a reliable service provider offering skilled furnace repairs?

Home Performance Group LLC is an established, local, veteran led mechanical firm skilled in all heating technologies, offering heating repair, service and maintenance.  Our team possesses the technical knowledge and practical experience to correctly diagnose, properly repair, and expertly maintain all types and brands of home heating systems. If you have experienced a breakdown and need warmth restored, contact our service team today,

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers quality repairs for all heating systems:

  • Gas furnace service and repair
  • Electric air-handler service and repair
  • Air-source heat pump (ASHP) service and repair
  • Ground-source heat pump (GSHP) service and repair
  • Duct-less mini split heat pump service and repair
  • Gas boiler service and repair
  • Gas combi-boiler service and repair
  • Radiant heated floor repair
  • Heating equipment safety inspections
  • Heating system preventive maintenance
  • Gas combustion analysis and tune-up

Furnace Replacement or Upgrade Considerations:

  • Furnace is more than 10 years old – (with proper maintenance – expected life cycle is 12 to 15 years)
  • System is outside of original manufacturers equipment and parts warranty – (cost of repair on homeowner)
  • Unit requires a major component repair – (heat exchanger, control board, combustion fan, indoor blower motor)
  • Furnace suffered two or more repairs over the previous 3-years – (may be early indication of future problems)
  • Repair estimate is more than $1,000 or exceeds 30-percent of a new replacement furnace
  • Unit experienced an electrical surge resulting in significant damage to wiring or electronics
  • Testing indicates harmful carbon monoxide leakage from the unit into the homes air
  • Furnace has suffered catastrophic flood or fire damage

Home Heating – Did you Know

Nearly all heating equipment sold today comes with a standard manufacturer parts and equipment warranty. Manufacturer warranties range in length from 5 to 12 years depending on the brand. Most brands offer an industry standard 5-year warranty, with longer durations available upon either registration or upgrade. What most buyers do not know, are those warranties provide coverage for parts and materials only, leaving customers with a substantial coverage gap for service calls, diagnostic charges, and labor for repairs. Additionally, nearly all equipment warranties void coverage due to a lack of maintenance, abuse, or improper operation by the owner, or faulty installation, misapplication, and unauthorized alterations by the contractor. Normal wear and tear, electrical power quality issues or surges, and other acts of God are generally excluded from all manufacturer’s coverages. Another critical factor with equipment warranties is professional installation. All three major furnace manufacturers, Carrier, Lennox, and Trane, require equipment installation to be completed by licensed contractors. Therefore, installation by DIYers, handyman, or other unlicensed installers, will void manufacturer warranties leaving homeowners with no coverage in the event of a normally covered repair. 

The value of regular preventive maintenance for a gas furnace or air-handler cannot be over stated. All mechanical equipment requires regular checks, adjustments, and cleaning. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) warranties require preventive maintenance to maintain the integrity of the equipment and parts warranty. Air-Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Standard 4 is the benchmark for routine residential care and minimum level of maintenance of heating equipment. The standard provides specific tasks to ensure prolonged equipment life, healthy operation, and maximum efficiency. Regular preventive maintenance often finds high wear items before they fail, empowering clients with the option to proactively replace components, preventing break downs in the cold of winter. 

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Better people

Our team’s priority is to swiftly restore heat for our clients, and when fuel burning appliances are involved, ensure the safety and health of occupants. We receive 40 hours a year of above-industry-standard mechanical training in heating system diagnosis, sequence of operation, component testing, and repair. Finally, our team maintains a Master Mechanical license offering our clients confidence in our work and peace of mind in our repairs.

Better products

Our team’s research capabilities, coupled with the depth of our industry partnerships, enable us to often successfully cross reference and procure difficult out of manufacture components. When possible, we recommend superior non-OEM repair parts supplied by industry leading manufacturers with a track record for product excellence. We choose repair parts that demonstrate enhanced reliability and safety.

Better solutions

Our skilled team possesses unparalleled knowledge in various home heating systems, and the diagnostic talents to ensure our repair work provides a safe solution. Additionally, we provide clients various options to address immediate repair needs, as well as recommended proactive maintenance or system replacement alternatives.  With judicious product selection our solutions deliver durable, reliable and forward-looking heating solutions.

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