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Septic Lagoon Installation and Replacement

Building a new home that requires a septic lagoon installation? Want to replace an old wastewater stabilization pond? Completing home renovations or additions that now require a larger Lagoon?

Home Performance Group LLC is a well-established, veteran led plumbing and septic system contractor in Kearney, MO and the surrounding Kansas City Northland areas, delivering high performing onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) with long-term service! We are licensed in both basic and advanced septic lagoon installation, layout, sizing, and installation. Our experienced team has completed numerous OWTS systems outfitted with an aerobic treatment unit and lagoon. Contact our solutions advisor today.

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Home Performance Group LLC offers best-in-class septic lagoon installations:

  • Soil testing (morphology reports)
  • Onsite waste water treatment system (OWTS) layout and design
  • Soil dispersion calculations and field sizing
  • Tank sizing
  • Septic tanks
  • Aerobic treatment units
  • Pump tanks
  • Lateral fields
  • Lagoons
  • Advanced high-pressure drip
  • Advanced controls
  • State inspections and evaluations

Septic Lagoon – Did you Know

A wastewater stabilization pond, also known as a lagoon, are cost effective, low maintenance onsite wastewater treatment systems commonly used with challenging soil conditions. Lagoons are an alternative septic system that replace a conventional lateral drain field. The primary components are a septic tank, which provides primary treatment and settling of wastewater, followed by an open-air stabilization pond. The lagoon provides further aerobic treatment and eventual evaporation from wind and sun. Some county jurisdictions require an aerobic treatment unit (ATU) in lieu of a traditional septic tank. The ATU provides vastly improved primary treatment of effluent as compared to a septic tank thereby reducing the load on the stabilization pond. If designed, sized, and installed correctly, a septic lagoon can provide decades of safe, reliable service.

The United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed a financing program to assist rural homeowners. The Section 504 program provides loans and grants for single family housing repair, including removing health and safety hazards to an existing home. The program may be used to replace or modernize an existing onsite wastewater treatment system including septic lagoons. Contact Home Performance Group LLC for advanced septic system design and installation!

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Better people

Our team focus is on delivering the best value to our clients with soil matched septic systems. The advanced training, we receive, affords us the opportunity to propose alternative onsite wastewater treatment systems other contractors may not know or understand. Our team maintains professional licensing for both basic and advanced septic systems. Additionally, to ensure we offer the best solutions and technology, we receive more than 24 hours of continuing education during each license renewal cycle.

Better products

We choose only septic products proven to deliver long-term service to our clients with enhanced treatment capabilities. All our supply chain partners have track records of manufacturing excellence such as Norweco, Polyguard, and Franklin. When possible, we buy American made products and continuously evaluate our existing products for healthy operation and durability, ensuring our clients receive the best.

Better solutions

Our team’s real-world installation experience in constructing lagoons, and sophisticated design knowledge, permits us to deliver innovative solutions for any soil conditions, creating options for our clients. Coupled with value-added products offering low maintenance operation with extended service life, our septic systems offer clients worry free wastewater treatment for decades.

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