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Gas Piping Installation and Replacement

Building a new home or detached building and need gas service? Want to add a new gas appliance in an existing home? Considering upgrading to a gas tankless water heater, boiler, or pool heater? Contact Home Performance Group LLC for all your gas design, sizing, and installation needs!

Home Performance Group LLC is a local, veteran owned plumbing, mechanical, and electrical firm, offering first-class gas piping installation. Our team possesses the advanced technical skills to design and size gas systems, and successfully install new main gas lines, branch gas piping, gas manifolds, gas appliances, and much more. When it comes to life safety, put your trust in the Home Performance Group team, we ensure a safe installation the first time. Contact the Home Performance Group LLC service team for courteous and timely service anywhere across the greater Kansas City area.

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Home Performance Group LLC offers comprehensive craftsmanship level gas installations:

  • Gas system layout and design
  • Piping calculations and sizing
  • Appliance gas conversions – natural gas to propane
  • Gas appliance installations
  • Gas pressure regulators – sediment traps – unions
  • Gas manifolds – shut off valves
  • Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST)
  • Polyethylene tubing
  • Black iron steel piping
  • Copper tubing
  • Pipe and tubing corrosion protection

Gas Piping Installations – Did you Know

Research by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) finds gas leaks result in an average of 4,200 home fires per year, resulting in 40 deaths. Additionally, another 33,600 injuries are attributable to non-fire related gas exposures and leaks that result in more than 780 deaths. 

Typically, residential homes operate a low-pressure gas delivery system between 0.7 to 0.9 inches of water column (generally about 1/3 of one pound per square inch). However, in homes equipped with multiple gas burning appliances, or contain long pipe runs, an alternative higher-pressure system may be appropriate. Some, not all, gas utilities offer a 2 psi gas meter option for residential applications, also known as a “red” meter. The biggest advantage of operating a slightly higher gas pressure is the use of smaller gas piping, and therefore less expensive installation. This is particularly important on high input BTU appliances such as large tankless water heaters, or pool heaters with long pipe runs. The reason higher gas pressures allow for smaller piping has to do with pressure drop. As gas moves through a pipe, friction reduces pressure resulting in pressure drop. Higher gas pressures allow for more allowable pressure drop, and therefore can move very high volumes of gas in smaller pipes.

In addition to gas pressures, meter capacity is just as important, particularly when upgrading an existing gas appliance or considering adding a new unit altogether. Every gas meter is rated for a maximum output or quantity of gas delivery, measured as cubic feet per hour (CFH). Generally, residential gas meters are equipped with a 175,000 to 250,000 btu capacity, which often is more than adequate. However, when considering installation of a tankless water heater, high-efficient boiler, or any other upgraded gas appliances, meter capacity must be considered. If the total simultaneous load exceeds the gas meter rated capacity, gas appliances will not receive the minimum amount of input BTUs and causing them to not operate correctly or fail to fire altogether.

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Better people

Our team pursues gas projects with a diligence of safety for the people who will use our work, and craftsmanship for longevity. We retain a Master Plumbing w/ Gas License and receive annual above-industry-standard technical training in gas systems design, layout, sizing, flow control, and installation. Our teams individual commitment to learning ensures our work exceeds the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) minimums and meets gas industry best practices.

Better products

We only use gas products with well-established track records of safety and performance, delivering our clients years of reliable operation and peace of mind. All of our supply chain partners are industry leading companies with decades of manufacturing excellence such as Maxitrol, Gastite and Viega. When possible, we buy American made products.

Better solutions

Our ongoing technical training enables our team to expertly layout and design gas systems, accurately calculate gas requirements, select appropriate pipe materials, and properly size piping. Coupled with select specified products, we develop an integrated gas system ensuring the best solution for our clients.

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