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Surge ProtectionThere’s never enough power outlets available, especially in smaller or older homes. Everybody uses surge protectors. However, not all surge protectors offer effective protection from surges of electricity that go beyond voltage limits. Keep your refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, electronics, and more, safe from voltage spikes with a call to the experts at Home Performance Group LLC. We offer knowledgeable recommendations and professional installation across The greater Kansas City area. Our extensive training and in-field experience ensure reliable operation, exceptional warranties, and total peace of mind.

Professional Surge Protector Installation

Don’t wait for a power surge and risk damage. Surges often occur without homeowners even realizing it. The specialists from Home Performance Group LLC safeguard the dependable and long-term operation of essential appliances and electronics by installing individual or whole-home surge protectors. Contact us at (816) 744-8033 for a home assessment. We’ll match your specific home and demands to the right style of surge protector. Home Performance Group LLC makes everyday life more affordable across Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Nashua, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Gladstone, MO.

Why invest in surge protection?

  • Avoid needless repair and replacement costs of appliances and electrical devices.
  • Reduce maintenance costs for household equipment and systems, such as heating and cooling.
  • Whole house surge protectors are affordable and most often installed in a single visit.
  • Protect against surges caused by downed power lines, lightning storms, damaged/faulty wiring, and the electric company.

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