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Soil Testing

Want to eliminate an open-air lagoon? Building a new home that requires a septic system? Discovered waste water surfacing in your yard? Need to replace an old malfunctioning septic system?

Home Performance Group LLC is an established, local, veteran owned plumbing and septic contractor in Kearney, MO and the surrounding Kansas City Northland areas, delivering high performing onsite wastewater treatment systems with long-term reliability! We are experts in soil testing, and experienced in both basic and advanced septic systems. Our licensed team has real-world experience to complete any type, or size, septic system installation.  Contact our solutions advisor today at 816-635-2493!

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers expert septic services and installations:

  • Soil testing (morphology reports)
  • Onsite waste water treatment system (OWTS) layout and design
  • Soil dispersion calculations and field sizing
  • Tank sizing
  • Septic tanks
  • Aerobic treatment units
  • Pump tanks
  • Lateral fields
  • Lagoons
  • Advanced high-pressure drip
  • Advanced controls
  • State inspections and evaluations

Septic Soil Testing – Did you Know

The University of Missouri finds nearly one in three homes in Missouri are serviced by a private onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS), while Kansas State University found more than 20 percent of Kansas residents rely on septic systems. Further, multiple surveys continue to confirm, more than 70 percent of septic systems do not function properly. There are a number of contributing factors, but the single biggest risk to OWTS system failure, are soil and system incompatibility. The soil serves as a filter, exchanger, and absorber providing final treatment of wastewater. Therefore, soil conditions present onsite are the single most important aspect of OWTS system design. This is particularly acute in geographies that contain large proportions of clay, restrictive layers, or poor soil structure. Soil in the Kanas City region does suffer from excessive clay content and high water tables which are generally not compatible with basic septic systems using conventional lateral fields. Therefore, soil testing is mandatory for all onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) designs. A soil report allows a licensed contractor to properly specify the appropriate septic system type, size, and layout. 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also advocates field testing of site soil as part of any septic system design, further, many states now require a soil morphology report prior to approving modifications or installation of onsite waste water treatment systems. Today, both Missouri and Kansas require a soil report accompany any permit requests.

A soil morphology report is a detailed analysis of soil horizons, examining soil profile, texture, structure, color, and restrictive layers. The morphology determines a safe loading rate of the soil, and therefore the type of septic system the ground can support. A percolation test on the other hand only assesses the rate water flows through the soil, and does not consider water tables, restrictive layers, poor soil composition, or how well wastewater is being treated. For these reasons, a percolation is never recommended, further, many counties do not accept percolation tests at all.

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Top of mind for us is ensuring we provide a septic system compatible with the sites soil ensuring decades of safe and reliable performance to our clients. Our team has real world experience permitting, designing, and constructing traditional lateral fields, alternative lagoons, and advanced high pressure drip systems. We retain both our basic and advanced licensing through regular continuing education allowing us to incorporate emerging technologies to further improve the health and longevity of our clients’ systems.

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Our advanced training provides our team access to United States Department of Agriculture Soil Surveys allowing us to conduct preliminary soil assessments. Additionally, we have established relationships with soil scientist in both Kansas and Missouri delivering cutting edge soil morphology analysis, and reporting, ensuring our septic systems are compatible with site conditions. When necessary, we partner with an OWTS engineers for unconventional system design, guaranteeing safe and reliable operation for years.

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The combination of a staff who cares about client safety, our commitment to ongoing training, and our crucial industry partnerships allows us to deliver long-term solutions to our clients. Additionally, our teams advanced knowledge and hard-earned experience means we can correctly solve problems where others have failed, protecting our clients health and delivering peace of mind.

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