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ICF Well Houses and Solar Utility Sheds

Need to construct a small building to protect your water well and filtration equipment? Concerned about freezing temperatures or animals causing damage to wiring or pipes? Want additional climate-controlled storage space?  Realize the benefits of an insulated concrete form building!

Home Performance Group LLC is a veteran owned, local, custom builder delivering high performing structures! We build exclusively with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction methods and systems. Our experienced team has completed several ICF well houses and PV Solar utility structures. Contact our solutions advisor today to learn more about our ICF Well Houses and Solar Utility Sheds!

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Home Performance Group LLC offers world-class insulated concrete form construction:

  • Foundations and Basements
  • Above ground walls
  • Garages
  • Detached Buildings
  • Shops
  • Well Houses
  • PV Solar Sheds

Key Benefits of Insulated Concrete Form Well Houses and Utility Sheds

  • Similar build cost when considering wood or steel framing, equivalent insulation levels, and air sealing details
  • Smaller and less expensive heating and cooling system, because of super insulated ultra-air tight walls
  • Storm resilient building affording more protection for water wells, filtration, solar equipment and batteries
  • Extremely low utility bills and operating costs due to smaller heating and cooling equipment and reduced loads
  • Improved building safety delivering an incredible 4-hour fire rating, 12 times longer than wood structures
  • Advanced passive survivability offering more hours of above freezing indoor temperatures during power outages
  • Reduced noise transmission from sound dampening effect of concrete and foam, STC ratings up to 55 decibels

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Better people

Our build team is led by a globally certified Project Management Professional (PMP) bringing a craftsmanship approach to our projects. We have skilled experience in steel reinforcement, wall bracing and support, concrete placement, waterproofing, and advanced framing techniques. Additionally, we hold a Class-A general contracting license for new construction, and receive on-going continuing education ensuring our work exceeds International Residential Code (IRC) minimums, while incorporating industry best practices.

Better products

We constantly study new technologies, and frequently assess our existing material selections for longevity and overall performance. All products we choose deliver superior long-term durability, and have a demonstrated record of superior performance compared to alternative materials. Our supply chain partners are well-established industry leaders with records for manufacturing quality, such as Nudura, Polywall, and Boise Cascadia. When possible, we buy American made products.

Better solutions

Expert installation of first-class building products, delivers superior buildings with enhanced strength, better protection, and a substantially diminished energy footprint. Additionally, the scope of our services provides clients a single project point of contact for all planning, logistics, and installation.

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