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Main Water Service Line Installation and Replacements

Experiencing unusually high water bills? Worried you may have a leak in your main water service pipe? Discovered a wet spot in yard that will not dry up? Considering replacing your old water service lateral with copper pipe?

Home Performance Group LLC is a local, veteran owned plumbing firm delivering safe residential plumbing repairs, service, installation, and upgrades. Our team possesses the technical knowledge and practical expertise to install and replace damaged water service pipes, extend and modify water supply lines, and replace water service pressure regulators and backflow preventers. If you have experienced damage or a breakdown in your home plumbing, Contact our service team today.

Home Performance Group LLC is your source for main water service line installation and replacements anywhere in Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Nashua, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Gladstone, MO..

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers safe water service lines and systems:

  • Water service sizing calculations
  • Water pipe sizing calculations
  • Water service line excavation
  • Water service pipe installation and replacements
  • Water service backflow preventer installation and replacements
  • Water service pressure reducing valve installation and replacements
  • Water service treatment and filtration installation and upgrades
  • Water service line grounding

Plumbing Main Water Service Lines – Did you Know

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), U.S. water infrastructure scores a C- on the 2021 report card. Most of our underground water piping was installed post World War II, and carries an estimated service life of 75 years. Meaning much of American water infrastructure is reaching the end of service life. One report found water pipe breaks or leaks have increased 27% over a six-year period. There is a water main break every two minutes resulting in more than 6 billion gallons of wasted water per day. 

Two factors affect underground water service pipes, the type of pipe materials and soil composition, specifically corrosion potential of the ground. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) finds metal water pipes such as steel, galvanized steel, ductile iron, copper, and aluminum are subject to continuous and variable corrosion. Multiple factors affect the rate of metal pipe corrosion. The first is factor is properties of the metal pipe itself, specifically galvanic differences, which is the tendency of a metal to release or gain electrons from another metal. Mating or joining of different types of metals, particularly those further apart on the galvanic index, can lead to accelerated corrosion. Additionally, some metals are more reactive than others, placing a highly reactive metal in the ground, with poor soil chemistry, can lead to faster pipe deterioration. Soil quality or chemical composition greatly impacts corrosion of metallic pipes. A study published on the influence of chemical properties of the soil on steel pipes found, moisture content and chloride concentrations within the ground had a significant effect on corrosion morphology. A higher the moisture, or chloride presence results in more aggressive pipe corrosion. Additionally, low soil resistivity speeds corrosive growth by passing small electric currents more easily through the ground creating an electro chemical reaction. Metals in the wet soil act as an anode and cathode of a battery while the soil serves as the battery cell. Like all batteries the terminals, in this case metal piping, begin to corrode.

The quality of water flowing within water service lines greatly affects corrosion of pipes from inside. Chemical water treatment additives and disinfectants may act acidic, creating a corrosive environment inside the piping. The Ph or alkalinity of water has a significant effect on corrosion. Water with low Ph or low alkalinity experience faster rates of corrosion reducing service life of the pipe, and quality of delivered drinking water. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the cost to replace a typical homes water service line to cost up to $8,000.

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Our highest priority is to deliver safe, reliable drinking water to our clients. We complete plumbing installations and replacements daily, further refining our real-world experience. We maintain a Master Plumbing License and participate in annual continuing education to deepen our technical knowledge. The above-industry-standard training we receive in plumbing hydraulics, applications, and emerging p technology ensure our workmanship meets all code requirements and incorporates industry best practices. 

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When choosing plumbing materials and equipment, the products we select demonstrate a history of safe operation, are appropriate for the conditions of use, and possess a proven track record of reliability. Our supply chain partners are industry leaders in manufacturing excellence and plumbing innovations in safety and reliability. When possible, we buy American made products.

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Our skilled team possesses the technical knowledge in plumbing theory, real world application, and code requirements ensures our plumbing installations deliver long-term service and safety. Continuous training affords us the opportunity to integrate safety features into plumbing systems to protect both people and property. Coupled with prudent product selection, our solutions deliver durable, reliable and safe plumbing solutions.

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