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Sump Pump Installation and Replacements

Recently suffered basement flooding from a failed sump pump? Exploring the benefits of a battery back-up sump pump system? Searching for a residential plumbing contractor knowledgeable in sump pump repairs and system installation? Want to direct your sump pump system drainage away from your home?

Home Performance Group LLC is a well-established, local, veteran owned plumbing firm in Kearney, MO and the surrounding Kansas City Northland areas delivering reliable residential sump pump repairs, installations, and upgrades. Our team possesses the real-world experience and technical expertise to complete sizing calculations, correctly install sump basins and pumps, and properly integrate battery back-up systems. If you are looking for a full-service plumbing firm to deliver turn-key foundation water management or sump pump installations or upgrades, Contact our solutions advisor today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers safe sump pump installations and replacements:

  • Sump basin sizing calculations
  • Sump basin installation and replacement
  • Radon rated basin and lid installation and upgrades
  • Sump pump sizing calculations
  • Sump pump installation and replacement
  • Battery back-up sump pump installation and upgrade
  • Sump pump highwater alarm installation 
  • Sump pump discharge piping installation and replacement
  • Sump pump check valve installation and replacement
  • Subsoil drainage pipe installation and replacement

Key Benefits of Sump Pump Protection:

  • Protect basements and crawlspaces from catastrophic flooding
  • Avoid mold and mildew growth caused by a flood event
  • Prevent expensive flood damage remediation, clean-up and repairs 
  • Avert water-related issues such as wood rot, electrical damage, and potential fire hazards
  • Reduce humidity levels and improve indoor air quality

Plumbing Sump Pumps – Did you Know

The Journal of the American Institute of Architects finds 40% of all building problems are caused by water, making water one of the single largest damage functions in homes. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), 98% of all basements experience some type of water damage event during their lifetimes. Extensive research by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), determined 90% of all natural disasters include some degree of flooding, what’s more, as little as one inch of flood water can cause up to $25,000 in damages. An alarming trend has been found by the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. The (ICLR) discovered damage from disasters has been doubling every five to ten years since the 1950s.

Installation of a properly sized basin and sump pump can help prevent catastrophic basement flooding as well as follow on risk of mold infestation. The International Residential Code (IRC), section P3303, and International Plumbing Code (IPC), section 1113.1 provide minimum standards for design, materials, construction, and installation of sump pump systems in residential homes. Research and real-world monitoring of existing systems enhance our systems knowledge and led to above-code-minimum industry best practices. A paper published by Water Environment Federation (WEF) found deeper sump pits are better at reducing underground water infiltration, and preventing overflows and flooding. Sump basins are required to be a code-minimum twenty-four inches deep, while the WEF monitoring concluded taller basins, thirty inches or deeper provide far better flood mitigation. 

The purpose of a basin and sump pump is to safely remove water, and hydrostatic pressure, from under and around a home’s foundation. Proper sizing is important for reliable, long-term performance of sump pump systems. Codes provide minimum sizing for sump basins, while pump manufacturers produce performance curves for various pumps. Plumbers are required to correctly size pumps based on calculated required capacity measured in gallons per minute (GPM), and total dynamic head measured in feet (TDH). Inadequate sized sumps, or worse yet, lack of a basin altogether, will lead to short-cycling and premature pump failure. Overzised primary pumps will also lead to short-cycling and require excess electricity to operate, costing more from frequent replacement, and higher electric bills.

Given a correctly sized sump pump system, the principal hazard to safe, continuous operation are power outages. Sump pumps use electricity to power an electric motor and pump. Often, large rain or storm events are accompanied by a loss of utility power from downed trees or storm damage, leaving your home vulnerable to flooding. A battery back-up unit solves the power outage problem by providing a secondary pump tied to a battery bank and controller. During loss of utility power, the controller senses an interruption, and power is drawn from the back-up batteries to power back-up sump pump until primary utility electricity is restored. 

The most common installation failure observed, is routing the sump pump discharge pipe next to the foundation wall. This causes ejected water to flow down along the foundation wall seeping back into the basement and creating excessive hydrostatic pressure. Industry best practice is to route the discharge pipe away from the foundation to prevent recycling of water through the sump basin. Most often this is accomplished by installing an ice guard where the discharge piping exits a basement, and routing non-perforated sub-soil piping underground away from the home, terminating at a daylighted location with drainage rock. The estimated cost for installation of a new whole home sump system with battery back-up ranges from a low of $2,500 to as high $8,000 depending on excavation depth through the basement floor, integration of any sub-soil foundation drains, location of the discharge pipe, and any below ground excavation and piping necessary to carry water away from the foundation.

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Better people

Top of mind for us is delivering reliable and safe sump pump operation for our clients. Our team possesses experience in sump pump installations, replacements, and battery back-up upgrades. We maintain a Master Plumbing License and receive annual above-industry-standard technical training in plumbing hydraulics, pneumatics, sizing calculations, sump pump applications, and emerging technology. Continuing education ensures our workmanship meets all code requirements of the International Plumbing Code while incorporating industry best practices.

Better products

When selecting sump pumps and plumbing materials, the products we choose possess a history of reliable operation, are appropriate for the conditions of use, and demonstrate a proven track record of safe performance. Our supply chain partners are leaders in their respective industries demonstrating manufacturing excellence, such as Zoeller, Meyers, and Grundfos. When possible, we buy American made products and continually evaluate emerging technologies.

Better solutions

Our skilled team retains deep knowledge of plumbing theory, sump pump technologies, and code requirements ensuring our plumbing installation and upgrades provide long-term capacity and safety. Continuous training, particularly in proper basin and pump sizing, and emerging technologies such as battery back-ups, afford us the opportunity to integrate new services and features into our solutions. Coupled with thoughtful product selection, our solutions deliver durable, reliable, right sized pumping solutions.

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