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Electrical Service Installation and Upgrades

Severe storms damage your existing electrical service? Building a new home and need electrical service installed? Adding level II electric vehicle (EV) charging or photovoltaic (PV) solar and are required to upgrade your electrical service? Constructing a home addition or adding a detached building and need an electrical service upgrade?

Home Performance Group LLC is a well-established, local, veteran owned electrical firm serving Kearney, MO and the surrounding Kansas City Northland areas. Offering safe residential electrical service installations and upgrades, our team possesses technical knowledge and real-world experience. We are able to conduct electrical load calculations, install new electrical service, upgrade existing service, add whole home electrical surge protection, integrate level II electric vehicle charging and PV solar arrays. If you have experienced storm damage or simply require electrical service Installation and upgrades, Contact our solutions advisor today.

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Home Performance Group LLC delivers safe electrical service installations and upgrades:

  • Electrical load calculations
  • Electrical service installation and upgrades
  • Electrical panel installation and upgrades
  • Electrical sub-panel installation and replacements
  • Whole home surge protection installation and replacements
  • Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) installation and replacements
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installation and replacements
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations and upgrades
  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems installation and replacements
  • Service wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Feeder circuit wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Branch circuit wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • HVAC control wiring installation, replacements, and upgrades
  • Computer and television cabling installation and replacements
  • Telephone and data cabling installation and replacements
  • Doorbell wiring installation and replacements
  • Lighting Fixtures installation and replacements
  • Electrical repairs installation and replacements
  • Electrical inspections installation and replacements

Electrical Service – Did you Know

On average fire departments in the United States, responds to more than 46,000 electrical home fires per year, causing an estimated $1.5 billion dollars in damage and resulting in 390 deaths annually. Further, research by the United States Fire Administration has found residential fires increase during cooler months usually peaking in January. The previous decades have seen a steady increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather and storm events. Winters bringing unusual snow and ice accumulations, severe spring storms with heavy rains and winds, and summer heat waves all contribute to electrical service equipment damage and incidences of homes fires. The damage to electrical service equipment has become so prevalent, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed a checklist to assist licensed electricians in assessing whether electrical systems can be repaired or need to be replaced after a powerful storm. This checklist builds from the recommendations in NFPA 70B “Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance”. 

Residential electric service may be delivered to homes in one of two ways. In the Kansas City region, the most common and ubiquitous method is through overhead power lines and subsequent weather heads. An alternative method is to bury electrical laterals and wiring underground protecting them from storms and extreme weather events. A critical factor for electrical distribution is the installation costs. Overhead service is much cheaper to install and easier to repair when needed. Underground laterals cost as much as two and half times more than overhead wires to install, but suffer far less disruptions and are safer to the public.

With the current government push and societal trend toward electrification many existing homes will require electrical service upgrades. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) finds the biggest driver of electric demand will come from electrification of transportation, home space heating, and hot water heating. Additionally, integration of Photovoltaics (PV) solar systems often necessitates larger electrical service. The most common service amperages are 60, 100, 150, and 200 amps. Recognizing, electricity demands are only going to increase with electrification and the development of ever more home appliances and devices, most electric utility providers today will only offer 200-amp electrical service.

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Better people

Our highest priority is to client safety and delivering electrical installations that enhance peace of mind. Our team has real-world experience with electrical service installations, upgrades, and integrated parallel power productions systems such as PV solar. We maintain a Master Electrical License and receive annual above-industry-standard technical training in electrical theory, practical applications, and emerging products and technology to ensure our workmanship meets all National Electric Code (NEC) requirements.

Better products

When selecting electrical equipment, the products we choose must have a history of safe installations, be appropriate for the conditions of use, and demonstrate proven reliability. Our supply chain partners lead their respective industries in manufacturing quality, emerging electrical technologies and innovations in safety. When possible, we buy American made products.

Better solutions

Our skilled team possesses unparalleled knowledge of electric theory, application, and code requirements ensuring our electrical installation and upgrades provide long-term capacity and safety. Continuous training, particularly in emerging technologies such as EV chargers and PV solar afford us the opportunity to integrate new services and features into our solutions. Coupled with judicious product selection, our solutions deliver durable, reliable and forward-looking electrical solutions.

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