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Master Geothermal Heat Pump Installers in Platte City, MO

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Looking for experienced Geothermal Heat Pump Installers?

Looking for information regarding geothermal heat pump installers in Platte City, MO? Wondering what can geothermal do for my home? Who can properly do this installation?

Geothermal heat pump systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in Platte City, MO. This transformation is being driven by the adoption of a cutting-edge technology that leverages the earth’s constant temperature to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling. Home Performance Group, which offers comprehensive services for ground-source heat pump installation, maintenance and replacement is leading the way. As more residents embrace this technology, it’s clear that geothermal heat pumps are not just a trend, but a sustainable solution for the future of home comfort. 

When you’re considering installing a geothermal heat pump system in your home, it’s essential to find experienced and reputable installers who can ensure proper installation and maintenance of the system. You’re best option is to call Home Performance Group. Whether you’re looking for a new installation or need maintenance or repair services for an existing system, these installers can provide the support you need to keep your home comfortable, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Geothermal Heat Pump Advantages with Installation or Upgrade:

  • Offers a hedge from volatile conventional energy sources such as natural gas, propane, and heating oil
  • Provides often fixed-price energy over the life the system due to stable ground-temperatures
  • Multifunctional – can be used for space heating, and hot water production, as well as air-conditioning
  • Installation cost is the same as a high-efficient furnace and air-conditioner – (with current 30% federal tax credit)
  • Receive preferential electric rates and special winter pricing – (available from most electric utilities)

More Advantages:

  • Completely eliminate gas bills for heating with super-efficient all electric heat pump system
  • Safer operation by eliminating carbon monoxide byproducts and risk associated with burning gas
  • Design flexibility afforded by multiple configurations – (water-to-water, water-to-air, direct exchange split)
  • Heat pump technologies are critical to US electrification efforts away fossil fuels
  • Environmentally safer due to zero emissions and a factory sealed refrigeration circuit
  • Virtually all hot water is made for free, further reducing home energy use by an additional 10-15%
  • Compatible with heated floors, ceilings, and radiators – (water-to-water units equipped with advanced controls) 
  • Very quiet operation owing to rotary compressors and ECM fans – (as low as 51 decibels)
  • Ultra-low operating cost from extreme Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) – (up to 3x better than federal minimums)
  • Accelerate home loan pay-off by investing utility savings into mortgage principal payments


Geothermal Heat Pump Installers in Platte City, Missouri

Home Performance Group is a leading provider of energy-efficient solutions for homeowners, with extensive experience in installing and maintaining ground-source heat pump systems. Our team of experts is highly qualified and certified to provide top-quality installation services that ensure optimal performance and efficiency. In addition, Home Performance Group is a certified installer of geothermal heating systems, which are among the most advanced and efficient systems on the market.

Home Performance Group’s expertise in geothermal heat pumps is further supported by their commitment to ongoing education and training. They stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and best practices, ensuring that they can provide their clients with the most advanced and effective solutions available. With their extensive experience, advanced certifications, and commitment to excellence, Home Performance Group is a top choice for homeowners in Cameron, MO who are looking for reliable and efficient geothermal heat pump installation services.

Home Performance Group is licensed and insured with multiple certifications and licenses in Missouri and Kansas. See our Licenses here.

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Doug SimmonsDoug Simmons
15:33 09 Jun 23
Darrick and Nick were great as well as Bri in the office. In dealing with the home warranty company. Installation and explanation on equipment was great. I recommend this company and its employees for any A/C, plumbing, electrical need.
Antoinette MadeiraAntoinette Madeira
15:04 02 Jun 23
We had a great service experience. Darrick was polite, informed, and did a thorough checkup of our heating and cooling systems. Price was as quoted and not only was Darrick on time, but arrival was communicated ahead of time. Great communication!
Dalton SherleyDalton Sherley
18:53 04 Apr 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Home Performance Group when my home warranty sent them out to perform a tune-up on my HVAC system. Darrick, the technician who came out to my home, was incredibly helpful and kind throughout the entire process. He took the time to thoroughly explain his diagnosis of my system, and answered all of my questions in a clear and concise manner. I was impressed with his level of expertise and his attention to detail. Not only did he perform the necessary tune-up, but he also provided me with some helpful tips to ensure my system continues to function properly in the future. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Home Performance Group and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of HVAC services.
Cami DCami D
14:57 23 Dec 22
My home warranty company contacted Home Performance Group to fix our AC which was freezing up and not cooling the house properly this summer. Darrick was quick to respond, very professional, knowledgeable & answered all our questions. My wife liked that he left everything clean & in order. We will definitely use them again in the future.

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