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High Velocity Heating & Air Conditioning Systems are a non-invasive, whole-home solution to perfect comfort in The greater Kansas City area. For older homes lacking in ductwork, remodeling projects, or anywhere you’d like to optimize temperature control without a huge mess and process, call on Home Performance Group LLC at (816) 744-8033. We specialize in high velocity HVAC, completing customized design, installation, and the maintenance and repair of all makes and models.

Expert High Velocity HVAC System Services

Established in 2013, Home Performance Group LLC was founded on the idea of providing cutting edge building science and technology to homeowners. The narrow, flexible ducts of high velocity systems snake through existing walls and around barriers without damage. Smaller vents in a wide range of styles blend beautifully into any decor. Through a high rate of speed, the system heats up or cools down the space very quickly, operates quietly, and maintains even temperature.

Trust in our team for all your high velocity HVAC installs, repairs & service!

There’s no need to get by with space heaters, portable air conditioners or box fans. Home Performance Group LLC provides everything you need to keep your home perfectly comfortable without sacrifice. Rely on us for seamless temperature control anywhere across Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Nashua, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Gladstone, MO. Our mission is to make everyday life affordable.

Serving The greater Kansas City area

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Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Gladstone, Parkville, Holt, Lawson, Claycomo, MO and surrounding areas.
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