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Solar Technology

Solar Panel Installation Kansas City NorthlandSolar Panel Energy provides a free, sustainable source of power to run individual devices or the entire home/commercial property. This cost-saving alternative offers a year-round solution, even on cloudy days in The greater Kansas City area. Solar panels can actually generate more electricity than you need, potentially trimming your electric bill down to nothing. If you’re interested in the many rewards of Solar Energy, call on the experts from Home Performance Group LLC. We’re happy to provide further information and handle all projects quickly, properly, and to your satisfaction.

Professional Solar Panel Installations & Maintenance

Home Performance Group LLC continues a commitment to provide cutting edge building science and technologies to home and business owners. We custom design and install solar panel energy systems to create efficient, comfortable, environmentally responsible homes and facilities throughout Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, Pleasant Valley, Nashua, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Gladstone, MO. Our team remains current with the latest installation techniques, procedures, and practices, refining our services to deliver exceptional value.

Solar Panel Installer

Some of the many benefits of Solar Energy include:

  • The prices of solar panels has dropped significantly in the last few years, and with federal, state, and local tax breaks, the investment typically pays for itself in five to ten years.
  • With slim profiles and sleek trims, modern solar panels incorporate seamlessly with any style of roof.
  • With no moving parts to malfunction, maintenance is limited to occasional cleaning of the panels and annual inspection.
  • Solar energy is a renewable form of energy you can always count on.
  • Solar power is produced during daytime hours, during peak demand, when the power company charges the most.
  • The process of converting sunlight into usable energy is completely clean and creates no pollution.
  • The process is quiet.
  • After the initial investment and setup, energy from the sun costs nothing.
  • Solar arrays can be located in different areas with no wires connecting them.
  • The cost to install solar panel power in remote areas is considerably less than running power lines.

Why Choose Photovoltaic (PV) Solar

Make your home ready for long-term sustainable living with the security and energy independence provided with a private PV solar power plant.

solar panel
solar panel

Did you know?

Solar grid-parity is when the energy produced by a PV system is less expensive than electricity produced by conventional power plants.

Grid parity is happening in multiple locations throughout the U.S., and is based on increasing electric utility rates, and lower installation costs.

Most solar panels in today’s market carry 20 to 25-year manufacturer product and performance warranties.

Net metering is a utility arrangement in which a homeowner receives credit for electricity exported from their solar system back to the grid when their energy use is less than system production.

Key Benefits

A professionally designed and installed system can reduce your electric bill 25 to 100 percent depending on your individual goals.

Utility savings reinvested into a home loan can potentially eliminate years from a standard mortgage accelerating pay-off.

PV panels installed on a rooftop can block sunlight from the roof helping to keep the home cooler and lowering the air-conditioning load.

Quick Facts

Bell laboratories developed the first solar module in 1954, with the first solar powered satellite sent into space in 1958.

Solar power is a safe form of nuclear energy using fusion reactions that 93 million miles away at the sun to make light that we convert to electricity.

Electricity made where it is used, also known as distributed generation, reduces the power loss of transmitting electricity over long transmission lines.

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