Building a home or remodeling and need a new air-conditioner?  Need to upgrade your existing air-conditioner?  Experiencing tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses?  Air isn’t as cold as it used to be?

Home Performance Group is here to serve all your air-conditioning and whole home comfort needs, whether you are in need of repair or looking to replace your unit. Our skilled technicians can inspect, diagnose and provide you options and recommendations.

HPG provides service, repair and installation for all brands of:

  • Air-Conditioners
  • Air-to-Air Heat Pumps
  • Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning Learning

The most common problems that result in air conditioner trouble is inadequate airflow, bad wiring, and low refrigerant. These most common issues can usually be detected with a semi-annual HPG precision maintenance and professional cleaning program. However, when problems do occur, you need a skilled service technician that can quickly diagnose the problem and make the repair.

Air-Conditioning Tips

As the mercury rises, so can the costs of keeping your home cool. Home Performance Group’s service department has some tips to help you save money while keeping your home cool this summer.

  • Set back your thermostat 2-3 degrees lower at night because your greatest heat loss occurs at night.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. By doing so, you can program the thermostat to turn down your air conditioning/heat for you when you leave for work when no one is home and after you go to bed when everyone is asleep.
  • Replace your filters at least every quarter. If you have a permanent filter, clean it with a mild detergent, per manufacturer’s recommendations, every 30 to 60 days.
  • Air conditioning manufacturer recommends having the equipment tuned-up annually. These tune-ups pay for themselves when technicians tweak the systems for peak performance. Maintenance is a great way for you to have the peace of mind that your equipment has been taken care and should be working at the efficiency levels they originally paid for.
  • Hire a professional to seal and insulate leaky ducts, and to ensure that the airflow distribution system serving your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Prune back shrubs and remove debris, like grass and leaves that may block airflow to your air conditioner
  • The location of your air conditioner has a lot to do with how efficient it will be. If you have a choice, locate your units on the north, east or the best-shaded side of your home. If the unit is exposed to direct sunlight, it has to work much harder and use more energy to cool your home.
  • Fans can make your air conditioner’s job significantly easier while saving you money. Pedestal and ceiling fans improve the air circulation in your home, allowing you to raise the air conditioner’s thermostat. In moderate heat, fans can sometimes completely replace air conditioners. Ceiling fans use only about one tenth the electricity of a typical home air conditioner, and therefore cost only one-tenth as much to operate.
  • To maximize comfort during the hottest hours of the day, we recommend doing your cooking, laundry and bathing in the early morning or late evenings. All these activities increase the level of humidity in your home, making it less comfortable and forcing the air conditioner to work even harder. If other heat generating appliances, such as irons, ovens and blow dryers are used only in the early morning or late evening, your home will stay cooler.

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